During the Covid times, I wanted to spend some time off office work. I wanted to give a try on CKA. I am not a big fan of Certification though :) I wanted to self-evaluate how I can perform with most textbook based answers, That said please do not think these certifications ain’t useful, they are certainly very useful.

I prepped for CKA for a week time with daily 4 hours. If you are working with K8s daily, its a smooth ride. I am assuming here that you are well versed with K8s hence reading this article. I made some…

Courtesy: Rocket systems

There are lots of articles explaining the installations of EFK stack individually or via scripts which can solve the purpose of getting the Stack up and running.

In this article I want to have a complete installation as a suite of EFK stack with X-pack features such as Authentication and SSL with Elastic 7.6.2.

At the end of the article I have linked the git repository with complete set!

From official Elastic doc.

Elastic released some security features for free as part of the default distribution (Basic license) starting in Elastic Stack 6.8 and 7.1. This new feature offering includes…

In the previous article here I have explained the setup of Azure AKS with Istio and Cert manager.

Here I shall install a simple liveness service which shall be exposed via the Gateway .

Deploy a sample Kubernetes service shown below. Type of the service here is ClusterIP.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
name: liveness-http
app: liveness-http
- name: http
port: 80
targetPort: 8001
app: liveness-http
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Deployment
name: liveness-http
app: liveness-http
version: v1
- name: liveness-http
image: docker.io/istio/health:example …

In this particular article, I shall share my experience of deploying services on azure aks and exposing the services with istio gateway and TLS with cert-manager.

I would assume that you already have a RBAC kubernetes cluster running on azure.

Firstly install the istio component on the kubernetes cluster

This installs all the necessary istio crds.

helm repo add istio.io https://storage.googleapis.com/istio-release/releases/1.3.3/charts/ && helm repo update

helm upgrade istio-init istio.io/istio-init — install — namespace istio-system — debug

Install istio components with the sds enabled. For now enable it via helm parameters, later below I will explain the need of this feature.

Sudharma Puranik

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